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Pool technology

Swimming pool water is a circulating water - and regular water maintenance is an indispensable prerequisite for undisturbed bathing. The pool filter plays a vital role in the water treatment of the swimming pool: it filters unwanted substances from the basin water for a higher water quality. The most common method for private swimming pools is sand filtering.


Like the heart in the human organism, the pool pump keeps the complex water technology of a pool system on track. Whether this system works at any time and without problems depends crucially on a device, which usually works rather unseen and in silence: the pool pump. Like a cars engine, the pump is the heart of the entire water technology. And in both cases, anyone who tries to scramble will definitely pay hard. We provide the best technology for your pool with a good price / performance level.

Modern measurement and control technology is now part of an optimized water management system. Of course you can do it by your own and should do this from time to time. Also determine the pH value and the chlorine content and do not always trust the technology to get a feeling for the proper water care. But automatic control is better in the long run, lighter, safer and more reliable.
The automatic system helps to save chemicals and to obtain a well-maintained water with little use of disinfectants.

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